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Bridge2 has joined hands with LatinLeap to launch an exclusive platform to empower high-potential startups, scale-ups, and SMEs from Latin America to discover, explore and enter India’s intricate market terrain.

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What do we offer

Your Path to Success: Partnering with You Every Step of the Way


We focus on meticulous market research, client insights and identify potential partners to map out markets, and develop robust expansion  plans.


We assist in crafting a comprehensive roadmap, with measurable KPIs, facilitating in-depth mentoring with experts to ensure informed approach to market entry.


We facilitate business meetings, networking, and marketing campaigns. We help in brand building and PR activities to establish a strong market foothold.


We curate immersion opportunities such as  conferences and  events for effective opportunities of  industry engagement, as part of community participation efforts.


Latin Leap

A Venture Capital Studio (VC Studio) established to contribute to the leapfrogging of Latin America through technology investments in regional early stage start-ups and to soft-land purpose-driven tech companies in Latin America.
Through strong human and financial commitment, Latin Leap aims to provide international tech scale-ups with access to essential resources for successful deployment in Latin America. Latin Leap is positioned to operate at levels of efficiency characteristic of tech-based companies.

Our Approach

  • In-depth market research and validation to ensure product-market fit in the Indian context.

  • Access to local experts, mentors, and industry networks for guidance validated connects

  • Tailored acceleration programs covering areas like product localisation, marketing, legal compliance, and scaling strategies.

  • Intensive mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders from India.

  • Experienced team committed to delivering high quality impact oriented consulting for PoCs and pilots

  • Long term perspective for brand building and ecosystem development


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